Glenn Beck: Limp-Dicked Private Dick by Crabby McGrouchpants

There are a lot of Glenn Beck’s in the phone book.

This is one of ’em.

He waddles around, grudgingly admits to things, blathers about right-wing stuff on platforms available to him, gets kidnapped a couple times, and goes to the vending machine repeatedly.

This is not for the faint of heart: if you never really wanted to look under someone’s hood, avoid this book. If you’ve figured you’d guessed enough from their erratic, spastic actions, and didn’t really want to follow them around, transcriptive-stream-of-consciousness style, well, then, the fact that this book reads like “Mr. Magoo” meets “American Psycho” might still give you pause.

A chapter a page! No foolin’.

For easy parsing’, in today’s workaday, busy world.
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About the Author

Inexact portraitist. Glenn Beck, Trump, Ayn Rand, the RAND Corporation, and many others have all gone under the blade

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