The Glorious Reality of War is not a biography. Rather, it is a fictionalized account of the experiences of Civil War veteran Charles Wesley Rickard based upon his own recollection recorded in a seventeen page letter to his grown daughter in 1925. He was fifteen when he joined as a fifer because: “They said I was too young for a private and would only muster me in as a fifer as the Col.’s son W.W. Byam had already enlisted as a drummer. (I had never seen a fife) but I could use a rifle, and was bound to go as something.”
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“Great read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By jason.hoppock

Great look at the Civil War through the eyes of C.W. Rickard. A fast read that grabs your attention from the first page. This is a book that you will not only read once but keep as a go to for years to come, picking up bits of history each time you read.
Absolutely glad I purchased this book!

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Michael Mendoza resides in Santee, Ca and has a master’s degree in American History from American Public University. He also earned a Doctor of Ministries degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Mendoza is an adjunct instructor for Central Texas College teaching Western Civilization, American History and Introduction to Philosophy on board navy ships while they are on deployment.

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