Gnome Tales: The Adventures of Hakala the Gnome by J Lea Richardson

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In a big world being seven inches tall can be terrifying and adventurous. The shortest Gnome that ever lived is about to take on the world outside her hovel in ways she never imagined. Join Hakala on her epic journey of self-discovery!

Hakala has spent most of her days isolated within the family hovel in the Napian Woodlands until one day a handsome Gnome lad walks by. She just has to follow him, to know him. On a whim she goes against everything her parents have taught her and see the world.

With her eyes wide open she explores the world of possibilities in romance and life in general and her capabilities. Will she land the boy? Will she return home frightened or will she remain out in the world? Join Hakala as she discovers the ways of the world!
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About the Author

J Lea Richardson a young author and Minnesota, USA native who loves telling a good tale. Writing short stories for decades and finally taking it up a notch and sharing her stories with the world. Obsessed with faerie folk and quirky as can be. Believes in magic and living life to the fullest.

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