Go Get Summa Dat: Stories of Inspiration

Sometimes when you think you are finally close to your goal, things can knock you down. This book tackles this issue and more with its inspirational stories to instil self-belief and help you remain positive.
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Book Description:

Do you sometimes feel empty inside and feel that despite all that you have accomplished there is still more out there for you? Maybe everytime you feel you are so close to achieving your goals something or an incident knocks you right back and you now believe good things just don’t happen to you.
Is this life that you are living all there is? And if there is more how can you attain it? Let’s face it this life is filled with many up hills and pitfalls. Sometimes along the journey when you think you are finally close to your goal, mishaps knock you down like a relationship breakdown or ill health.
‘Go Get Summa Dat’ tackles those issues and more. It will inspire you with stories which will instil self belief and help you remain positive even when things do not work out as planned.

Peter Edwards (Author)
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