God Doesn’t Care…As Much As You Do

by Matthew E Dedewo (Author)

God, science, and the soul: A paradigm-shifting exploration awaits you.

Book Description:​

God doesn’t care as much as you do. It may sound harsh to a theist but what if it is scientifically true?
Humans are on Earth for short periods of time, a brief stop along the way. Most taking time to smell the roses but forgetting that it is a journey. Souls are like drops of water in a flowing river that will eventually return to the iceberg it melted from.

The strife between atheists and theists has gone on for years. Perhaps both share the same concern…the afterlife? How much longer can one side close their minds to the scientific possibility and the other fear or fantasize about it?
Earth is far from a utopia. There are the privileged; and there is crime, disease, war, poverty. Either there is no god (at least not one that is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and do not forget loving) or God doesn’t care.

There may be gods here and there, lurking in shadows and faithful hearts, but there must also be an Ultimate Perfect Power. A presence humans cannot design or conform to their various cultures; a presence science cannot deny.
From a scientific perspective and logical reasoning this soft read touches on topics like Time, Consciousness, evidence of the Soul, the Real Reality, Pantheism, and the gross misinterpretation of the Christ figure.

This straight to the point journey introduces concepts like the Ultimate Perfect Power and the Infinite Process. Also introduced is the Force Stream theory, as a potential Grand Unified Theory that not only unites all energy and matter under one principle but also includes the soul and consciousness. Is humanity ready?

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Matthew E Dedewo (Author)

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