God Is All There Is and The Devil Does Not Exist seeks to bring about awareness and remind us of Who We Really Are; for God is All There Is and there is No-thing else. There is only One-Consciousness that has individuated It-self and, thusly, there is no Devil in absolute form (as is taught and projected by many). All That Is, existed in a state of being, without the means to express Its being; in a state of being, God is No-thing unto Himself. Out of this conceptual knowing, God/All That Is longed to express, explore and experience It-self for what It knows It-self to be. And so the No-Thing created Some-Thing/Some-Form (all of creation), as a means or device(s), through which It can express, explore and experience It-self fully and abundantly.

We live in a world driven by fear, scarcity, competition, chaos, pain, struggle, confusion and discord. It is my firm conviction that all these factors have been born and taken root because we have forgotten, Who We Really Are. God Is All There Is and The Devil Does Not Exist is directed to all the men and women around the globe, who are entangled in shackles of fear, constructed by mythical beliefs and teachings about God and the mock Devil, which have been served to us for eons. The message I bring seeks to liberate and unchain us from these restraints. “So that we can live freely and express, explore and experience That Which Is within more fully and abundantly.”
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Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Prieska Kaambo

A very good book.

About the Author

Native to Namibia, Muzire Mbuende holds a Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering (B-Tech) from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape town, South Africa.

He has been a curious student of this subject for the last decade. Growing up, he was always perplexed with why, in the midst of all the evil deeds, witchcraft, xenophobia attacks and killings, which He witnessed and heard about, God, remained disabled and idle. He pondered for years as to why the most miraculous and loving God would sit back and allow an ordinary man to end the life experience of another. Through various methods of Its own and only known to It-self, Life or God, if you will, silently provided answers.

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