God’s Elect 

by – Frank Shapiro (Author)

When most of the Western leadership is assassinated in a mega-terrorist attack perpetrated by radical Moslems, a chain of breathtaking events is unleashed. 

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Book Description:

When most of the Western leadership is assassinated in a mega-terrorist attack perpetrated by radical Moslems, a chain of breathtaking events is unleashed. Against this backdrop, the True Templers, a clandestine Protestant sect, hatch an extraordinary plot to realize their apocalyptical belief in the Second Coming of Christ. As the plot thickens, the existence of ancient Jewish Temple treasures, hidden in the Vatican cellars for over two thousand years, is revealed. The return of these treasures to the State of Israel would have an earth shattering impact on the state of the world. With the possibility of an excruciating war of civilizations heightening, the new Pope, Urban IX, calls for a modern Crusade. During seven tense days the fate of the world hinges on crucial decisions being made at the Vatican in Rome, at Israel’s defense ministry and at the presidential palace in Shiraz, Iran. God’s Elect depicts a thrilling drama, where fact and fiction merge, and a number of contemporary and critical geo-political conditions clash head on with religious fanaticism.

Reviews for the Book

Move over, Dan Brown. A first novel by Israel based historian Frank Shapiro is a page-turner of the first order. The plot unfolds at a good pace, moving the reader from Jerusalem to the Vatican, and numerous other sites in Europe, Asia and Australia. Shapiro's academic research shows itself throughout the book, with flashbacks and descriptions which, though detailed, never slow the momentum .
It is often the case that the plot of a novel echoes current events; with a new American President,
the Catholic Church is in the spotlight; seismic shifts are occurring daily in Israel and the Islamic world. The timing and relevance of the story could scarcely be more perfect. The story twists and turns in most unexpected ways and the denouement is thrilling and well-crafted, not to mention very scary indeed.
There is no one hero, albeit a truly satisfying villain ( I dont want to spoil the fun by saying who that is, but, there is a clue on the book jacket). No matter. In the film version which is sure to follow, no doubt the studio will develop one of the several hero-candidates to suit the big name who will be cast in the role, and there should not be any difficulty in creating some love interest either. Producers take note please.
This is a great and exciting read to escape the current mood of gloom.
Malcolm Silver
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About the Author: Frank Shapiro

Frank Shapiro graduated in medieval history from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is a former high school history teacher of European and Jewish history, and was assistant researcher at the Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv.

Commissioned by the Council of Zambian Jewry to research the history of the Jews in Northern Rhodesia/Zambia which led to the publication of Zion in Africa.

His next book, Haven in Africa, reveals a nexus between Northern Rhodesia and the Holocaust.

God’s Elect, is an exciting contemporary historical suspense story.

Eve and Mary: the Search for Lost Beauty and Sensuality exposes a remarkable discovery leading to unusual historical and cultural revelations. This work is a readable cum travel book encompassing art, Christianity, history and more.

The Dating Fantasy, is an intriguing novel. The story unravel the protagonist’s unusual past dating experiences which constantly haunt and interchange with the inner web of convoluted intrigue and personal conflicts of the now.

His latest work is The Conspiracy against Mary Magdalene. an intriguing narrative highlighting how Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ closest companion, was symbolically crucified?

Frank lectures frequently on his subjects and has contributed diverse historical articles in newspapers and journals.

Born in London, he lives in Israel.

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