God’s Purposes and What He Does Not Know about Us by Stanley Singleton

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Book Description

“Many base their existence on Jeremiah 29:11, believing that whatever happens in life, it is all part of God’s master plan. Even when suffering a painful loss, some are able to put it all in alliance with those words.
Rarely, if ever, do these people consider the limits of what God can truly do for them. This inspirational book highlights the control God allows man to play in his own destiny and how His mysterious powers intervene in lives: past, present and future. In the stories, ordinary and extraordinary people experience God in varying degrees of: love, pain, joy, anger, denial, arrogance, and acceptance; you might cry, get angry, rejoice, laugh, think; more importantly, you can discover your true relationship with God.”

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“Happiness comes from within!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lynn Demsky

This was really a lovely, uplifting story — even as a person who believes in God, it reminded me, taught me some new things and made me happy! What was wonderful is that none of the stories were extremely long — and a short book can bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people!

About the Author

After so many years in the classroom I used to think that I was born to teach. But, while my time as an educator was quite rewarding, it became work. Now I’m taking the leap of faith and am indulging in my true passion, writing. I never grow tired of creating. Hopefully, those who take the time to explore my journey will experience a lasting and inspiring joy.