51I89PzSt1L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Written by a bestselling author this is the hilarious story of him having a nervous breakdown and running away around the world on the QE2! Unbelievable but absolutely true the author’s sensitive mental state gives him a different slant on world travel and the millionaires he mixes with. A truly different travel book which will have you laughing on every page.
This is the true story of how the author cured a nervous breakdown by taking a world cruise on The Queen Elizabeth ll. It is a peep into the luxury lifestyle of the very rich from the somewhat sardonic viewpoint of someone who is not quite sane. We visit 40 countries and each one is treated to the author’s observations which are nearly always humorous and written by someone who’s fragile mental state causes him to throw all caution to the winds. But more than that, Nick isn’t your conventional world traveller: he gets arrested in New York and undergoes an intimate body search, he fights off three armed muggers in Jamaica, falls out with Australian customs officers, has a motor bike accident in Bali, is attacked by two old men in The Taj Mahal and is thrown out of Vietnam. The book, though, is more about his life aboard the QE2: his love affairs, his growing relationship with the staff and their intimate, closeted lifestyle, the disastrous staff concert that ends up in an all-out fight, the excesses of the super-rich passengers and the bizarre situations that only happen aboard such as the night where he is trapped on the dance floor with the three women he has been dating. All in all it is the story of a man making his way back to sanity until he is finally deposited back on the quay at Southampton where he started only now he is penniless and has just been informed that everything he owns in the world has been thrown overboard into the sea.
The hilarious follow up is now available on Kindle: Not Quite Sane in America, where Nick runs away to America to avoid his proctologist!

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“The hilarious way to recover from a nervous breakdown”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J. Dowling

Hilarious, poignant, and very moving, this is a fast paced read of the author’s travels around the world – his numerous love affairs, getting mugged, falling out with a whole range of interesting characters, and exploring everywhere from the Taj Mahal to the grubby no-go areas of the most dangerous cities, all the while battling a nervous breakdown. Completely true and yet totally unbeliveable if these events happened to anyone else. Can’t wait to read the sequel!

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  1. Absolutely got either the wrong ship on the cover or the wrong ship in the title! Cover shows the Queen Mary 2. Come on editors!

  2. It may be a great book but the cover is an insult to the Queen Elizabeth II. It shows a picture of the Queen Mary!!

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