614v+BHGLzL._UX250_“Inspired by her near-death experience, Stone guides us to the high vibration of golden words and provides down-to-earth tools and stories for using them to transform your life. A treasure for anyone who wants to revolutionize their consciousness.” —New York Times Bestselling Author, Sonia Choquette

Golden Words shows you how to use self-hypnosis and empowering words to create a bridge from painful life circumstances to the goals and dreams you most want to experience. Stone shows you how to trigger a significant shift in how you feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to reduce stress and pain, breakthrough false walls, and get in touch with your intuitive flow. This will help your life flow more easily.

The stories, tools, and principles Stone shares illustrate step-by-step how to make these meaningful shifts in your life whether they are obstacles to reaching important goals; physical, emotional, or spiritual pain; or a restless, stressed out mind. These tools and techniques assist with breakthrough on many levels.

Inside this book are more than thirty ways for combining powerful words and simple self-hypnosis techniques trigger relaxation, reduce pain, and cultivate brain states that improve health and well-being. These practices soothe, uplift, and make space for more peace, joy, and well-being in your life.

You’ll learn to:
• Identify golden words that trigger states of relaxation, confidence, and pain reduction (2,000+ golden words inside)
• Reduce stress, pain, and sugar cravings
• Overcome mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain
• Stay balanced in challenging situations
• Create powerful mantras and affirmations
• Organize long-term goals into manageable steps
• Use self-hypnosis to relax, build confidence, reduce pain, and gain insight
• Enhance & rely on your intuitive flow
• Take control of your words and your brain state for maximum living

Life brings ups and downs, but every experience holds opportunities. Golden Words shows you how to grab those opportunities and make them into blessings.

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“Golden Words=Golden Life”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Joseph H

Words-our self talk, can empower us or dis-empower us. The words we use directly affect our beliefs, which affect out actions and ultimately our quality of life.

Golden Words engages the reader to choose their own *Golden Words* from the thousands provided in the book (or add your own!) to formulate empowering affirmations or mantras that have the ability to shift one’s life in a positive direction. Utilizing the tools in this book, born from her own healing journey after a near death experience, is a testament to the power that these tools hold. For example, I was having “one of those days”, was in a bit if a funk, so I took the book to Panera the other day and the exercises I did, letters R and T specifically, caused a shift, a renewed hope and inspiration that immediately changed the course of my day.

This book is one I will be including in my work with my clients as well highly recommending to others.

About the Author

Sally Stone is an author, certified hypnotist, health coach, and children’s yoga teacher. She developed the concept of “golden words” to describe positive words that we activate in our lives using focused intention and hypnosis.

In her private practice, Sally combines golden words with hypnosis, health coaching, family constellation processes, and yoga techniques to help her clients reduce stress, cultivate health and well-being, develop confidence in their own intuitive wisdom, and create meaningful life changes. Her unique approach incorporates storytelling techniques that facilitate positive changes in her clients’ life stories.

Sally trained with the National Guild of Hypnotists, The Wellness Institute (regressions), The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Global Family Yoga (children’s yoga). She earned her Masters and Doctorate in Education from National-Louis University.

After witnessing the energy of nature during her near-death experience, she took up nature photography with the aim of capturing the flow of spirit. Her photography has won several awards, including Audubon’s Top 100 and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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