61OpbxX0aQL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Freedom has a price for those willing to pay it
In what seems a moment of luck, lonely Adina discovers and steals an ancient spell book. She learns how to conjure the golem, a charmed clay man compelled to obey his maker’s bidding. Adina believes he’ll be a remedy for cold, sleepless nights, and won’t demand anything from her in return.

It’s a struggle to keep the golem hidden from superstitious villagers and from the relentless village elder who owned the magic book and now seeks its thief. Her golem isn’t golem-like at all, asserting himself and demanding his share of control. Then Adina begins dreaming of her long-dead fiancé, calling to her from the Great Beyond, and the lines between the here and the hereafter are irrevocably blurred.

She’ll be forced to make impossible choices. A sacrifice is demanded. And all the while, the magic book seems to sleep.

Fate will render the final verdict in fire and ash.

This book was previously published under the title “Golem’s Revenge.”
Contains content and language suitable only for adults.
This book contains a free bonus story.

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“Fated Magic”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mary Clark

This is an absolutely wonderful story and I felt “connected” to it from the moment I started reading it. It is a story of magic, lost love, lonliness, sexuality, torment and enduring love. Adina’s love for Eliam knows no bounds, but he is killed in action – or so she believes – and she is lonely, wanting someone to spend her nights with. Upon coming across a magical book, she conjures up the Golem in the image of Eliam. Together Adina and the Golem go through endless trials and tribulations, but their deep affection for one another endures. It seems both Adina and the Golem’s futures are preordained by magic. This is a very poignant story and one I would highly recommend. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Anwen writes daring, sensual tales for adventurous spirits. She prefers heroines who actively pursue what they want, and heroes who want to fulfill their ladies’ dreams. No wilting, helpless virgins in these stories, unless the heroine is pretending to be one for fun.

She writes sexy romance, paranormal/fantasy and erotica. She has also written a BDSM erotic romance series, “The Power to Please,” under the name Deena Ward.

When Anwen’s not tapping away on her laptop, she enjoys hiking near her home with her favorite canine companion and hanging at the local coffee shop with friends and family.

She lives in the USA.

She invites readers to email comments/questions to — anwen@anwenstiles.com

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