An ambitious investment banker and his successful artist wife live the spectacular American life, until the wall of their secrets comes crumbling down. During a passionate escapade he discovers her secret drug addiction and when he receives the career offer of a lifetime he has to face his demons about his raging health condition, before he loses his life and the trust of their beloved daughter. The New York City Marathon becomes the unexpected backdrop for the riveting finale and this family’s new bright life about to begin.

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“Has the pace of a thriller” ”Extremely entertaining” “Unfolds like a film” “Compelling” “Sexy, smart” “What a ride!”
This fast paced story about love, passion and self-discovery is based on an award-winning screenplay by the author (winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the New York International Film Festival).

Never before in fiction a protagonist with T1 diabetes goes from victim to hero, not in spite of it, but because of it. Even though the story dives into the dichotomy and similarities of two people one with an addiction and one with a disease, GOOD LIKE THIS is first and above all a story about people, their flaws, their power and their transformation. GOOD LIKE THIS has been called “A mesmerizing story with universal appeal.” Because in life it’s not what we have that counts, but what we do with it.

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“It was extremely useful, by the way”

Five Star Review on Amazon By elena perazzini

This book has the pace of a thriller even if it’s not, engaging you from page one. I thought I was just extremely well entertained when I realized I was learning so much not only about a medical condition, but about the nature of human beings. It was extremely useful, by the way, to deeply understand the world of who has to deal with a chronicle condition and /or addiction. I enjoyed the short chapters unfolding somehow as a film and I enjoyed the positivity it left me with. Definitely recommended!

About the Author

Peter Arpesella is an actor and award winning writer based in Los Angeles, originally from Rimini, Italy. His family owned the historical Grand Hotel, where family friend, Federico Fellini, set his award winning Amarcord. After his successful excursion in the investment banking world, Peter discovered that storytelling is a lot more fun and moved to the States to work as an actor and writer.

His one man show, Life & Me… What A Couple!, ran at HERE Performance Space in New York City; he hosted Cult Network Italia, for Stream TV; worked with Michael J. Fox on Spin City, and was Tom Cruise’s Italian coach in Mission Impossible III. Peter can be seen in the block buster comedy hit Think Like A Man, and in the acclaimed TV show, Mad Men.
Peter’s voice can be heard in the English version of the Oscar winning Life Is Beautiful. His short story, The Little Old Lady, is published in Frightful Stages by Hayworth Press and the Psychotherapy Patient Journal.
Among others, Peter wrote an original screenplay that won the Grand Jury Prize at the new York International Film Festival, which inspired the story of Good Like This.

Peter loves to sail and always loves a good laugh. He’s a volunteer recording audio books for Learning Ally, helping TreePeople, Heal The Bay and Habitat for Humanity. He lives in Los Angeles with his actress/writer wife, Annie Wood, and their dog-ter, Lucy.

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