51a1Yn09xxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A young girl is forced to marry at a very young age when her father trades her for livestock to a young man. Their life is Edenesque in nature, living off the land with little knowledge of what the times offer them as they live in the late 1800’s in Ireland, and learn about life as man and wife.
Grace finds a nemesis in her sister-in-law which lasts a lifetime and causes her to lose more than she ever bargained for. Life hangs in the balance for Grace and her children as she makes a decision to change their simple lives.
Moving from the country to Dublin proves challenging yet fruitful as Grace finds herself the target of affection, and learns to live a new life with all it’s privileges.
“Grace” is the story of young love, old love, marriage, family, and all which goes with that. Intense love, fights, and horrors can be found as one reads the life story of Grace.

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” A Beautiful Story!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J Bartlett

What an amazing story!!! This author captured the era of the time perfectly. This is such a unique love story. I felt like I knew Grace, she’s such an intriguing character. I’ve read other books by this author and she’s a master at twists and turns, this book is no exception, you’ll never guess how it ends!!!

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I am a reader that loves to write. I’ve read countless books, and written a few books, and screenplays.

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