Holly Matthews has a big secret, and it isn’t that she’s going to die in six months (although she is).


Holly’s secret is that the facilitators of her grief group are actually angelic emissaries who have given her an eyewitness-preview of the afterlife. Holly, an atheist, is shocked and more than a little concerned about the trajectory her lack of faith has put her on. She is returned to Earth to live out her last six months embodying love and goodness and to serve as a beacon of the redemptive power of God’s love to the people in her life—at least, that’s the plan. But some things are easier said than done and Holly’s going to need all the grace she can get!


If Holly’s going to make her life one worth living and dying for, she’s going to have to do the unthinkable – admit that this time she can’t do it on her own, and ask for help from the only one who can.
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“Inspirational and made me think!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Chris Manning

The story of Holly and her finding her “life’s purpose” got me thinking about my own life and what I could do differently to influence and show love to those around me. The stress of life and commitments take over sometimes and we need to stop and think about what is really important and what impact have we made with our earthly lives, once we have moved on to our heavenly lives. We have been given “free will”, but what will we do with it?

About the Author

Carrie Maldonado lives in the Greater Seattle area with her husband, daughter, and twin sons. Carrie divides her writing focus between fiction and non-fiction, both with a mission to inspire others to cope with their challenges by sharing her own experiences, wins, and losses, and hopefully make her readers smile at the absurdity that is life.

Carrie’s fiction explores the significant struggles people encounter in life, sharing a message of hope and redemption as her characters overcome and triumph over their challenges, and laugh a little along the way.

Carrie’s non-fiction and blogs are centered around whatever’s going on in her usually crazy life. For a season, this was trying to achieve work-life balance as an overextended corporate exec. All that changed starting in 2012, when she had her daughter at age 39 and then twin boys in 2014.  Learning to navigate the world of infants, multiples, and sibling shenanigans is a primary focus of her non-fiction.

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