Grady Judd

by – Ciana Stone (Author)

 A book in the Cotton Creek Saga (Heartbreakers & Heroes 1) 

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Book Description:

If there was such a thing as an urban legend in Cotton Creek it was Grady Judd. He’d broken the heart of every woman he’d ever kissed and he’d kissed a plenty. Many tried to rope him, tie him down and drag him to the altar, but Grady wasn’t the marrying kind. In fact, no one was quite sure what kind of man Grady was. He showed up now and again, tended to his ranch and then would disappear just as fast and never utter a word as to where he’d been when he came home again.

He was a sexy temptation, rolled up in a fine male package, and was all too willing to deliver a night of pleasure. He was also completely unwilling to let anyone inside his impenetrable wall. It was all fun and games or nothing at all.

Until he showed back up in Cotton Creek this time to discover that he’s not the only heartbreaker in town, which leads to a whole new game and an entirely new question. Could Grady Judd finally have met his match?

Reviews for the Book

Grady Judd: a book in the Cotton Creek Saga by Ciana Stone is out of this world fabulous and a must read for all romance lovers. In it, we have Grady Judd, a man that lives a love 'em and leave 'em type of lifestyle. He is over the top hot, kind, insufferable and all the women love him. But, Grady won't commit to any one woman, or so he thinks.
Charli Sampson is Cotton Creek, Texas' deputy. She was once Delta Force in the army and is left with a form of PTSD after a mission that didn't go as planned. Charli is a love 'em and leave 'em type too. She uses sex to escape her demons and the flashbacks from her past. But, both of them are in for a pleasant and thrilling surprise. When Grady and Charli meet, sparks fly with an instant attraction while their chemistry is off the charts remarkable. Things get tense when Charli goes missing and Grady sets out to find her. Will these two strong, independent and slightly damaged people succumb to love, give in to one another and make it through all the trials that have beset them? One must read this breathtaking book to find out.
The plot is riveting and captivating. It is full of romance, mystery and adventure. Ciana Stone has made a fan out of me. Her unique voice is creative, concise and imaginative. I felt like I was there watching on as the story unfolded, due to her fabulous expressive writing. The dialog between the characters is more than impressive and I was fully caught up in their drama and romance.
Overall, Grady Judd: a book in the Cotton Creek Saga, is a completely entertaining story with an exciting conclusion. I highly recommend it to all readers. It is the first book in the Heartbreakers and Heroes series and I can't wait to read the second book.
Get yourself a copy and take a trip to small town Texas where the romance, mystery and suspense will have you captivated, intrigued and engrossed. This incredible page-turner is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Grady Judd by Ciana Stone, one fantastic read.

About the Author: Ciana Stone

Ciana writes romantic suspense, thrillers & suspense novels, has a passion for coffee, dark chocolate, love stories, working in her yard, riding her Halfbike, woodcarving, playing her banjo, her family and her honey man. She loves to connect with readers and devours books in almost every genre

Her books have garnered rave reviews and endear her to new readers every day, for which she is grateful beyond words.

Ciana is quick to acknowledge that it’s readers who provide her with the opportunity to continue writing, and says, “I love to hear from readers and to every reader who has spent his or her hard-earned reading dollars on one of my books, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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