51wLFIBbvPL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_A detailed study in this book on the Biblical allegory of grafting wild olive branches onto the cultivated olive tree in Romans 11:17-24 enables the fresh interpretation of this allegory, and provides the Biblical basis for a new strategy for Christian missions and evangelism. This strategy is reviewed and validated against the Bible and church history. This strategy would be especially effective in reaching peoples of other religions. At a time when Christianity has failed to penetrate into societies that are dominated by the great religions of the world, the contents of this book will provide new discussion material for Christian missionaries, missiologists and evangelists. Beyond this, this book would also be an exciting and interesting read for Biblical scholars and students who have been wondering about the unreal grafting allegory in these Romans verses, and for those Christians who are interested in Bible study, and Christian missions and evangelism in general.

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A First of Its Kind Study”

Five Star Review on Amazon By eenachoe

This book is the first of its kind to provide an in-depth analysis of Romans 11:17-24, and to provide a penetrating look at how missionary work can be culturally relevant and far more effective than it is today, particularly for people of other religions. It also courageously asks the Christian from the lay volunteer to the Biblical scholar, whether or not they truly have a Christ-centered and humble approach in sharing the gospel, or a me-centered, enforcement approach that is more likely to shut the door to the gospel than open hearts. This book is probably the first of its kind to study these topics and challenge Christians where they most need to be convicted, to effectively reach others for Christ.

About the Author

Rev. Frank Choe is president of Christian Outreach Training and Research Institute (COTARI, www.cotari.org). He was born in Seoul, Korea, on February 18, 1945, and was educated as an engineer in South Korea until the age of twenty-five. He also served in the Korean Air Force for three years while in South Korea. He attended Stanford University in California for graduate study and received his PhD in mechanical engineering in 1975. In June 1974, he started working as an engineer in the nuclear energy business for GE and remained in the company until he retired in February 2006. His main area of expertise was heat transfer and fluid mechanics in the development, design, and services of civilian and space nuclear power plants. Rev. Choe lectured in University of California Berkeley and San Jose State University in his area of expertise and published several technical papers as well. While he was working for GE, he was called to become a Christian in 1990 and seven years later received his life mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with peoples of other faiths. He attended Western Seminary San Jose from 1997 to 2008, receiving a Master of Divinity degree in March 2008. He was ordained as a Christian minister in January 2009. Rev. Choe founded COTARI in March 2010 and was elected its president. He has various ministerial experiences, including several short-term missions to China, Africa, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Mexico. Frank is married to Mickie and has two adult daughters, two grandsons, and two granddaughters.

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