If your world includes young children either at home, work or both, there is no doubt you will identify with at least a few of these stories.
Everyday “normal” events are brought to life through short stories written with a hint of humour.
Read about a six-foot-four man who is pinned down by two sisters under the age of four, so that they can clip hair baubles in his beard. Or find out why every item in sight gets a “bottom” or “bum-bum” label! Read how grandma bursts a whoopee cushion during a family competition whilst three sisters hide sticky poo in the not-so-secret places.
These stories convey the joy & vivaciousness that children can bring to adults’ lives, even though they can sometimes be exhausting or exasperating.
The most innocent or banal situations can turn out to be unpredictably funny once a child is involved.
Sit back, take a read and you’ll be guaranteed to reminisce about some similar experiences you’ve encountered with children who were, or still are part of your world.