51iHREzLGUL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_“Great Battles for Boys” takes kids to the front lines of iconic battles. In this volume of the popular history series, find out which strategies, weapons, and military leaders won–or lost–these famous American fights.

Bunker Hill: ragtag colonists take on the mighty British Red Coats.
Saratoga: Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne gets a lesson in warfare from untrained militias.
Gettysburg: the slaughter of brother against brother that provoked the Emancipation Proclamation.
Antietam: An invasion gone wrong.
Vicksburg: A Southern city under siege.
Little Big Horn: Custer’s Last Stand.
The Alamo: Why we remember it!
San Jacinto: The battle that won the southwest for America.
The Rough Riders of San Juan Hill: Teddy Roosevelt, medal of honor winner.
WWI’s Lost Battalion: The Great War and Americans who fought it.

Praise for the “Great Battles for Boys” series:

“Combining his uniquely conversational style with myriad historical facts, plenty of interesting photos, and lots of fascinating, little known anecdotes, Joe takes readers “behind the scenes” and helps them to experience this vitally important chapter in our Nation’s history.”

The Reverend Charles F. Reynolds
Chief Warrant Officer 3, USMC, Ret.

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“Great reading, with lots of resources”

Five Star Review on Amazon By TGAlexa

Great reading, with lots of resources such as more books to read on each battle/leader, and movies for the whole family to watch together.
If you have sons or grandsons who love to read—or who don’t love to read but who will be swept up by real history—check this out. In many schools these days, students aren’t being taught about the individual battles and struggles of our nation’s history, including Gettysburg.
These books allow kids to click on the links, so they can actually hear Churchill himself giving his mighty WW2 speeches, or watching a B17 take off, etc. Here’s to boys—and GIRLS!—reading history, if for no other reason, so we’re not condemned to repeat it.

About the Author

My youngest son was the kind of boy who didn’t like reading much. He’d rather play with Legos or build a fort. But my wife noticed that he paid close attention to any book about military battles, weapons, or warriors.
Problem was, he quickly went through every battle book written just for kids in middle school and high school.
To keep him reading–and because I really like military history– I started writing up great battles for him. Soon, other parents of boys-who-don’t-like-reading asked for my notes. Then they asked me to teach a class on great battles.
That class, “Great Battles for Boys,” is now in its sixth year. I really love teaching it. We get to talk about so many cool fights! From Bunker Hill to the Alamo to WWII, we cover it all.
But not everyone can take my class, which is taught in the Seattle area.
So I turned my class into a really fun book series: “Great Battles for Boys.” These books are written specifically for boys like my own son, who thought books and history were kinda boring (really, they’re not). Do you love a good story? Do you like to see how a fight went down? Do you wonder why things like WWII happened?
These books are for you. History isn’t a bunch of names and dates–history is full of real people who lived and died, often dying for freedom. When you read about these amazing battles–from the American Revolution to Stalingrad to Pearl Harbor–you’ll see just how exciting history can be.
I hope you’ll also want to learn even more. My library of battle books continues to grow–there is still so much to learn about these amazing fights.
So start the adventure with Great Battle for Boys. You’ll see just what people mean when they say, Freedom isn’t free.

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