51qsO80+d+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Building a Railroad then trying to rob it.
“The Great Liquor War”

Hank James is trying to make his fortune panning gold but itisn’t exactly working that way. However with the help of an “inside source” hedoes well betting on a prize fight.
With his winnings Hank invests in a new business haulingfreight to build the new railroad. With luck, hard work and good help he doeswell. Then his “inside source” from the days of the prize fight expects helpwhen the BC Provincial Police face off against the North West Mounted Police.
While the police forces fight each other who is watching thecriminals? If Hank is identified as helping the law will they try to make himpay for his interference?
And while all the thievery, shooting, killing, arrests andtrials are going on, what happened to Hank’s new girl?

From the same vault that holds the work of WilliamJohnstone, Matt Braun, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour.

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Praise for “The Great Liquor War”

From Cold CoffeePress
The Great Liquor War by D. M.McGowan is a western pioneering era saga that combines great story telling,true-to-life cowboy experience with US and Canadian history and legends fromthe 1800’s.

A.G WayneEzeard.  Author of Where Eagles Soar
“This book is a must read. Highly Entertaining.”

R. Hadland:
“Anyone… will get a lot of enjoyment out of this story.”

T. Morden:
I’ve never had somuch fun reading history.

G. Wandling:
Forget abouttrying to live in the moment … you’ll be there.

The year is 1885. Hank James has been in Canada several months panning gold from a stream near Roswell, British Columbia. When he hears a prizefight will be held in town, he attends along with everyone for miles around. With a little help from the fight referee, he wins big betting on the fight.

Having realized that the life of a miner isn’t nearly as romantic or rewarding as he expected, and with advice from the policeman who helped him win money on the fight, Hank goes to Farwell to haul freight with pack horses for contractors building the transcontinental railroad.

The railroad’s security, a detachment of North West Mounted Police, have maintained across the West that no liquor be allowed one mile on either side of the rail bed. Provincial authorities disagree.

Hank James believes in honoring and repaying his debts, but that doesn’t mean he should be involved in a war between the BC Provincial Police and the North West Mounted. He and his partners have trouble enough running their freight business, they don’t need to be caught between competing policemen. They are already stuck between Canada’s transcontinental railroad people and the contractors doing the actual construction.

While the police are fighting one another, who is looking for criminals, particularly those stealing Hank’s horses?

About the Author:
Despite a variety of jobs, D.M. McGowan now works as a commercial driver and lives near Mile “0” of the world-famous Alaska Highway. His stories bring Canadian history to life. “I believe in seeing morality and societal responsibility rewarded. Too much of today’s fiction seems to lead into the dark instead of the light.”

Publisher’s website:sbprabooks.com/davidmmcgowan

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“Western Pioneering Era Saga Combining Great Story Telling With True Life Cowboy Experience”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Cold Coffee Cafe

The Great Liquor War by D. M. McGowan is a western pioneering era saga that combines great story telling, true-to-life cowboy experience with US and Canadian history combined with legends from the 1800’s.

The main character Hank James was born in Canada and migrated south into the US with his family after the Civil War. Hank’s father headed towards Oregon in search of a farmstead while protecting his family from raids by outlaws and Indians. They made it as far as Kansas to find that the land was too dry to farm so pushed on to Oregon to find the land was too wet. With Mother Nature as their biggest obstacle and many mouths to feed young Hank James set out on his own. He settled down with his own gold mine claim near Rossland, British Columbia in 1984.

Hank wasn’t afraid of hard work, but he wanted more out of life than to eke out a living on his claim. With tenacity Hank took advantage of the Transcanada Railroad, found some partners and started his own freight business. Life should be good, but where there is industry, technology, commerce and economy, there are criminals.

In all my reviews I quote a passage so readers can get a feel for the authors writing style. I quote from page 37.

“It didn’t take a detective to know that the horse thief had played a little joke on the Provincial Police. Constable Art Hubbard was over six feet tall and probably ten pounds lighter than the one eighty mentioned in the description. Not only was he a long way from round, he was also clean shaven.
I gave Constable Hubbard my story, ending with the recovery of the bay gelding and the description I had from Miller. “An’ the fella called himself Art Hubbard,” I added.
The Constable’s expression didn’t change. He worked his chew around into one cheek and sent a stream of tobacco juice into the waste basket. “Feller with a sense o’ humor,” he noted, and then added. “It’ll be one ‘o Bulldog Kelley’s outfit. They work out o’ some of the illegal saloons t’ be found back in the bush. We catch one or two of ‘em every now an’ then, but we can’t get Kelley, an’ he’s the head o’ the snake. I can think of one or two that might fit your description, but not a one that had a full beard. An’ this fella’s probably shaved by now.”
I wrote out my story, signed it, and returned to work.”

Between the horse thieves, authority over liquor sales and a war between the BC Provincial Police and the North West Mounted Hank is he in over his head? Only time will tell if he makes the right choices and will he win the heart and loyalty of Sharon Dalton?

Saddle up your horse, holster your gun and join a rugged western cast of characters that will take you back to the reality and the legends of the Wild West.

Cold Coffee Press endorses The Great Liquor War by D. M. McGowan for the nuggets of history told within a great story of human experience in the Wild West. This book was given to us in a PDF for review. This review was completed on August 11, 2015. For more information, please visit Cold Coffee Press.

About the Author

“Author Dave McGowan has been a cowboy,forest fire fighter, heavy equipment operator,farmhand, gardener, road musician and businessman.
He now writes, and works as a commercial driver, in Northern British Columbia.”
The forgoing is the bio from the back of my three novels and one might conclude from this information that I was a poor employee … either lazy or didn’t know what I was doing … and was kicked off a lot of jobs.
You would be partially correct, at least in surmising that I don’t know what I am doing. As for my being a poor employee, you would have to ask my bosses … although I think I’ve managed to trick the one I have now.
Of course, when I had my own business my boss thought I was marvelous.
Truthfully, I’ve managed over the years to find employment regardles of my location or the problems that might exist with the economy. I enjoyed much of that experiance at the time and am glad that I attained it.
I’ve also visited a good portion of North America and lived in several areas of Canada where I met some great people and enjoyed some wonderful country.
Speaking of great people, Karen and I are parents to four great people who have supplied eight grandchildren who show that improvements can be possible in each generation.

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