Great Work, Great Rewards: 7 Secrets for Breaking the Performance Punishment Cycle by Liz Nolley Tillman

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Great Works, Great Rewards is the definitive self-help guide to reclaiming your joy when your ONLY reward for great work is more work.

  • Ever feel like no good deed ever goes unpunished when you’re at the office?
  • Are you caught up in a cycle where being the “go to” person on your team no longer seems worth the trouble (but the achiever in you will not let you give anything less than your best)?
  • Have you become too valuable in your current role for your company to let you move into the position you really want?
  • Has working miracles become your normal way of working and what others expect from you?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then chances are you’re caught up in the performance punishment cycle. But, you can break free!

In Great Works, Great Rewards, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify performance punishment, whether it’s happening to you, someone on your team or someone you care about
  • Why there are disadvantages to being the “go to” person on the team
  • How perfectionism can be a double-edge sword
  • When working harder or smarter isn’t necessarily the key to success
  • How to utilize the 7 secrets for breaking the performance punishment cycle to reclaim your joy in the workplace
  • How the top companies prevent performance punishment from happening in their organizations

Part self-help guide, part workbook, Great Work, Great Rewards is a must-read for any high-performing achiever looking to break the performance punishment cycle and reclaim their joy at work.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Elsa Mendoza

I could totally relate to this book…What I love about this book is that it raises awareness and gives hope to those who are experiencing more work as a punishment just simply for being great workers. I love that the author recognizes the fact that the power to change a person’s situation truly lies on oneself. The book has effective and empowering strategies too on self-management to be smart workers. After reading this book, you will feel equipped, empowered and ready to face each day at work with a new attitude. This is truly recommended!

About the Author

Liz Nolley Tillman is a marketing communications professional who has spent over 25 years in Corporate America. Liz’s experience includes various leadership positions in marketing and communications with UBS Financial Services, Allstate Insurance Company, GfK Custom Research, and AIG as well as on the agency side as a public relations and integrated marketing consultant. As a corporate company spokesperson, she has been featured in a broad range of trade, business and consumer media including NJ101.5 radio, USA Today, Marketing News, Crain’s NY Business and others. Her writings have been featured on BlogHer, Work Awesome, Advice4Parenting and other popular blogs. Visit her at

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