You’ll Laugh .. You’ll Cry .. Former Hollywood Insider Shares Insights on Movie Personalities and What Grieving Taught Her in this Guide to Help Cope with Grief

Grief isn’t just unbearable to experience—it’s also a tough subject for people to think about and talk about. Marie Lenay Rogus knows how difficult the journey through grief can be, that you don’t know how or if you can get through it and you want to hear from someone who has. This book is a raw, honest look at grief.

After experiencing the deaths of seven loved ones, Lenay wrote Grief Comfort Guide to share with other people the strategies that gave her comfort from her losses and to encourage a dialogue about grief. She wrote the book about a topic that affects every human being at one time or another and for which most of us are unprepared. However, her book is not just about grief nor is it heavy reading. she chose to leaven the tale with true stories of celebrity encounters from the 18 years she spent working in Hollywood with Cary Grant, Mae West, Farrah Fawcett and Robert De Niro.

Lenay celebrates the lives of her loved ones by telling their stories to bring them to life and she includes meditation processes and guided imagery to help with the stress of grief.

When you read Grief Comfort Guide, you will:

This invaluable book will help you realize you are not alone and give you the practical steps you can take to better handle your grief and begin to heal.

“Reading Lenay’s book is like sitting in the lap of your favorite grandmother. With her gentle style and comforting touch, readers will feel surrounded by love and get in touch with their own inner strength as they go through the journey. I wish I had Lenay’s book during the time after my mom died. It would’ve made a real difference.” –Jennifer Coken, author of When I die, Take my Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts

“One day each of us need a shoulder to cry on and a soothing voice to comfort our pain. Even though there is no one shoe that fits all when it comes to grieving the loss of a friend of loved one, Lenay’s book, Grief Comfort Guide, will help anyone who is going through the grieving process.” –Lena McCalla Njee, MA, Special Education, author of Autism Inspires and Ivan Gets a Dream House
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“A wonderful source of wisdom and comfort!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Daniel Grant

Disclosure: I received a pre-release reviewer’s copy of Mrs. Rogus’ book in exchange for an honest review of her work.

Mrs. Rogus’ presence and deeply personal reservoirs of strength and unlimited perseverance shines through in every page of her book. Her honesty, forthrightness and unabashed clarity is both striking and refreshing in equal measure. She has lived through numerous tragedies with incredible grace and fortitude. Her story is not one of loss but rather of limitless stoacisim in the face of challenges that might have permanently hobbled another person. She writes purely from her heart with nothing reserved or held back. Reading her book provides enormous comfort in the face of what can be nearly insufferable grief. You will emerge invigorated after finishing her story of rising above all that she has faced with courage, dignity and grace. Mrs. Rogus truly stands as a beacon of hope and light, undeniably demonstrating that no tragedy is so great that it cannot be weathered and finally overcome. Because she was able to retain constant presence of mind and to manifest enormous bravery after so much loss, you will be left feeling certain that you will be able to as well, no matter what challenges you are facing.

About the Author

Marie Lenay Rogus is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a speaker and expert on grief. She is the author of Grief Comfort Guide: A Personal Journey from Loss to Light and a bereavement group facilitator. In addition, Lenay is a certified childbirth educator who holds additional certifications in EFT and hypnoanesthesia. A gifted entrepreneur, she co-founded Peripheral Electronics, Inc., which she sold to a publicly traded company. Prior to Peripheral, she was a production coordinator and paralegal in the motion picture industry. She also loves to do numerology and was a featured guest on New Year’s Eve at a casino in San Diego so people could start the year with enthusiasm.

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