Grief in Your Words: How Writing Helps You Heal

by Harriet Hodgson (Author)

Inscribe pain. Unveil hope. Write your way through grief's journey.

Book Description:‚Äč

Feel like you’re stuck in grief? Write your way out by following the steps in this concise, easy-to-use book.

You need to tell your grief story. This book helps you do it with tips on your thinking place, writing place, how to write, what to write, and resources to boost your spirits. 

Grief in Your Wordshelps you create a path to the future.

About the Author

Harriet Hodgson (Author)

Harriet Hodgson knows grief all too well. She is a bereaved mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, and friend. After four family members died in 2007, Harriet started writing her grief story and literally wrote her way to healing. "Telling your story is immensely helpful," she says. "Writing is a way to become whole again."

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