Witnesses the dawn of a new hero.

Attorney Henry Haas thought he had nothing left to lose. Wealthy from blood money, he works for the most ruthless crime boss in Redborough, Oregon. But when innocent blood spills, Henry isn’t the only one wanting revenge.

Grim Inception is a short story prequel to Grim Ambition. Be here for the beginning of Grim’s dark justice.
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“A great first short story and introduction to a trilogy!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By EriBear

This short story introduced a plethora of characters, but didn’t get too descriptive. I suspect that’s the intention for the first installation of the forthcoming trilogy! I’m looking forward Jennifer Reinfried’s next book as I’d like to understand more about the characters and more about the events leading to Henry’s anger toward Vance and his associates. First person narration can be difficult with complex situations, but this short story pulled it off!

About the Author

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer never thought that she could actually write a book. Granted, her parents always urged her to write, considering she always had her nose stuck in a book starting at the age of two, and would never be seen without one to three books on her at any given time. She got her love of the written word from her father, and her tenacity from her mother, and eventually, she tried her hand at a full length novel. She is currently writing the third book of the trilogy. See the trilogy’s site, including character art and bios, at agrimtrilogy.com

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