Grumpy Damage Billionaire

by – Chloe Evans (Author)

An Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Romance (Damaged Billionaire Series)

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Book Description:

The woman I love has no idea I’m a billionaire.
After losing my mom, I made rules to keep others at arm’s length.
The rules were working. One-night stands. No relationships.
I was fine until I met her.
I’m passing time as a carpenter working on her bookstore.
I can tell she is just trying to survive.
She doesn’t trust men, and, being raised by a single mom, I get that.
But our extended glances and shameless flirting start to build and soon we can’t keep our hands off each other.
Lustful kisses and wanting touches have become our nightly routine.
I’m falling for her and start imagining forever with her and her amazing son.
But I’ve been lying to her from the start.
If I tell her the truth, will she be able to trust me again or will I lose my new family?

Grumpy Damaged Billionaire is a stand alone, Damaged Billionaire Series book about a Playboy Damaged Billionaire who loses the only family he has ever had and wins the biggest lottery ever, all in the same week. Robert Christopher Wright created rules for himself to keep himself at a distance from people, women in particular; to keep himself from getting hurt again. Katherine is a single mom/book store owner who is just doing her best to survive, with trust issues of her own. This is a dramatic, steamy, suspenseful, enemies to lovers, single mom, secret billionaire, forced proximity contemporary romance with a happily ever after!

Reviews for the Book

Chloe Evans has written a 5-star book. This is the story of Katherine and Robert (Chris). Robert is known as a playboy and is never with the same woman for long. He has rules that he goes by for his hookups. He is a billionaire and is letting his managers handle his companies. Katherine is the owner of a bookstore that she is having remodeled. On the first day Robert is to work, he is running late. When he gets to the bookstore, Katherine is talking to Kieran about the work crew. She tells him she is supposed to have five workers but only has four. He said that the guy was just running late. She starts to say something but the bell chimes for the door. She looks up to see who is coming in and is attracted to the man that just walked in. She sees that he is the missing worker and she said something to him about being late. At first Chris, that is what he is going by now, was attracted to her but decides to stay away from her now. Chris is working and he hears a little boy come in and said, Mommy, running to Katherine. Chris never hookups with a woman with children. Jacob, Katherine's son goes up to Chris and starts talking to him. Chris ends up liking the kid and will talk to him whenever he is there. Things happen between Katherine and Chris. Chris ends up working late and Katherine offers to let him eat with her and Jacob on the nights he works late. Katherine and Chris end up getting together and are doing well. Chris knows he should tell her who he really is but doesn't. The remodel is finally done and it is time to re-open. On the day of the re-opening, Katherine is talking to one of the authors that she knows and Chris thinks that he is just there to take care of Jacob. Things between them start to go downhill. Not long after the re-opening, every shop in the building gets an eviction notice telling them they have 30 days to get out. Katherine and her friend Grace get the other tenants to come to a meeting. They decide to see if they can find out who bought the building. Chris decides that it is time to put some distance between him and Katherine and has his assistant check into some classes for him. She finds him some but they are out of state and start the next week and last for 2 months. He lets Katherine know he will be gone for the next 2 months but would call her. They don't get a chance to talk as much as they wanted. Katherine ends up getting a meeting with someone from the company that bought the building and is told that it was for a real estate company and the name of the owner. She does a search of the name and is shocked to see that it is Chris but it is not his full name. She remembers about the one time they were out to dinner and ran into an ex-girlfriend of his and her calling him Robert. She gets mad that she was a fool for falling for him. Grace calls Chris and tells him that Katherine needs his support but doesn't tell him what for. When he shows up, Katherine lets him have it. She tells him that she knows who he is and how hurt she is that everyone knew the real him except for her. She tells him that she never wants to see him again. She lets him know about what his company is doing to everyone in the building. He calls his manager and finds out that the board of directors is the one who pushed the buying of the building. Robert calls his friend Alex to see if there is anything he could do to stop the sale. Alex gives him some ideas and Robert tells him to do it but to use someone different from him. Alex gives him a name to call so that he can have a press release ready after the sale. Katherine has gone back to her mother's home and Grace calls her and tells her about what is going on with the building. Katherine can't understand why Robert was doing what he was doing. Robert goes to see Katherine but she is still mad at him. He tells her what is happening with the building and how he plans to move forward. He hands her a folder and inside is the title of her shop. He tells her that he is sorry for what he did and that he wanted to be with her and Jacob. She tells him that she is not sure that she can trust him again for lying to her the way he did.
Will Katherine be able to forgive Robert and give him another chance?
This was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone.
 - Angela Barnes

About the Author: Chloe Evans

Hi there. I am a new author who writes Billionaire Romances with Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity and Damaged main male characters all with heart, humor, heat and a happily ever after!

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