An eerie tale of first contact and perilous adventure. John E. Boyd, hyper-curious and depressed human being, dares to pursue the lost tribe of missing emigrants from city-Earth. Guanjo defies his expectations, turning his mission into genocide.
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“A suspenseful and entertaining adventure. Well worth a read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bran Gnu7

If you like sci-fi, I would strongly recommend this book. I had the tremendous privilege of being asked to proof-read an early draft, and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Full disclosure: Joel is my father, but I can objectively say that it was a very engaging and entertaining adventure.) If you’re looking for a comparison, it reminded me of the awe and discovery of both “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Interstellar”, interspersed with amusing mishaps, and a bit of a Dean Koontz-style twist which I won’t reveal.

One of my favorite scenes is when John encounters Bob (the bot-cat bobcat):
…At my shoulder, precisely at my ear, a loud scratchy hiss shakes my reverie. ‘Son of a b-!’ I flinch and turn and face two sharp yellow fangs that are grimacing at me. Pointy, yellowish teeth – a Cheshire cat’s grin, that sends me tumbling into the table, where I bark my shins and drop heavily onto the sofa. The cat hisses again. He is perched atop the armoire by the door, and he is hunched up like a demon who is spitting his repertoire of virulent epithets at me. His eyes are piercing lights. His ears are huge triangles tufted with spikes. His fur is on electrical fire. He is scaring the crap out of me. The old man congenially intervenes. (OLD MAN) “He likes you. He likes to scare people he likes. It’s a thing. Senor, they do not make cats like Bob…you agree?” (JOHN) “Bob is a bot? No way that cat is a bot.” Bob the botcat bobcat? It just sounds wrong. (OLD MAN) “Senor, please, do not call Bob ‘the cat’. He is Bob, just Bob.” (JOHN) “You mean, crazy Bob?” He laughs at that. (OLD MAN) “Si, crazy Bob the bobcat. The one who likes you.” (JOHN) “The cat who scares the crazy sh-t out of me.” His laughter is warm and deep and feels like the glow from dying embers. (OLD MAN) “He scares me too, senor. Sometimes I must sh-t my pants. This, so I know he loves me.” …

Overall, a great adventure and well worth a read. Note, there is some language and R material, but if you don’t mind that, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

About the Author

Joel R. Dennstedt travels the world and writes gifts for the imagination. He carries all he owns in a rugged backpack. For five years he worked his way south from Yucatan, Mexico through jungles, deserts, forests, and coastlines into the Andes mountains of South America and the end of the world in Patagonia. Next stop: Asia. His interest is for native peoples. His passion is for books.

Joel R. Dennstedt is the author of the compelling new science fiction novel, GUANJO – A tale of perilous adventure on an alien world.


He is also the author of the popular novella, HERMIT – A tale of forbidden romance.


Dennstedt’s debut novel, ORANGE CAPPUCCINO – A tale of contemporary romance, was also well received and highly praised.


All his books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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