Jack Gard and Catlyn Lyte become friends in high school. Although he cares for Catlyn, Jack refuses to get into a relationship with Catlyn, due to her age. Then Catlyn is raped and her world is torn apart when Jack sides with his best friend. Devastated, Catlyn flees Newburgh, NY. 25 years later, someone is raping and killing young black females in Jack Gard, Chief of Detectives’ hometown. Working against an escalating killer, Jack requests help from a special division of the FBI. Enter Supervisory Special Agent Catlyn Lyte. She has always done her job well but is wary of working with someone she doesn’t trust. Sparks fly between the two officials as Catlyn puts herself in the path of their quarry. Two ex-friends try to bury their differences to solve not only mystery of the Newburgh Slasher, but also the one that ruined their budding romance 25 years ago?
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“Adult romance interlaced with criminal suspense”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Trypsin

This is an adult story of romance interlaced with a strong layer of thrilling criminal suspense. Athletic All American Jack, and smart cookie Catlyn were high school friends until an incident breaks trust and sends them their separate ways. Shoot forward 25 years and Jack is Chief of Detectives working on a serial killer case. When the FBI become involved, he is reunited with Catlyn. Can they forget their past and solve the crime before them? The story is well conceived with good twists and turns. The author’s writing style is easy to follow. There are a number of sex scenes and although they are well written, a few less would have allowed the story to move on more quickly. After the first one or two you get a picture of Jack and Catlyn as lovers. The plot kept me turning the pages and I’m happy to recommend.

About the Author

Cate is a life-time resident of a small upstate town about 60 minutes north of Manhattan. The only thing Cate loves more than being a writer is being a mother and a grandmother. She was blessed with a large family. Cate has been a Jane of all trades and was formally trained as a technology analyst and computer tech. Cate has a completed series (The Dark Series Trilogy) which created a spin-off (Mackenzie’s Song: The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-off due in late 2016). Cate loves to read and write and participate in family oriented activities. She has recently entered another field of writers group; SCREENWRITERS. To date, she has authored 3, as of yet, un-optioned screenplays; Hudson Haven (horror) 2014, Forbidden Dimension (sci-fi) 2015, and Blackout (action-thriller) 2016. Once she is done with the spin-off book, Cate plans to make all of her screenplays into full length novels, each with the same title. – See more at: http://www.allrconnected.com/authors/profile/cate-mckoy#sthash.DJ1wmLg3.dpuf

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