Fourteen-year-old orphan Remmi Clearwater has a secret that could get her killed. For years, she has lived in the cavern lands of Penumbra, the dreariest land in a parallel world called Dreamearth, which people from Realearth visit while they sleep. All her life, she had successfully hidden her multiple magical abilities out of fear that someone would discover the truth about her. These amazing talents strongly hint that she’s a Halfling, the child of a Dreamearth mother and a Realearth father. Such mixed heritage isn’t only taboo, it’s a death sentence. Halflings in the past have caused disasters in both worlds. When Remmi’s magic is exposed, she is forced to flee Penumbra, only to find that her newfound freedom comes with its own set of risks.
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“Fantastical , Magical and So Relevant!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mary E. Engelman

I recently was given this book to read and loved it! Not out is it creative and fantastic but it resonates so much with what’s going in the in world right now where people are judging others based on perceptions and outward notions, rather than seeing people as individuals. Its a great book to read aloud with your kids because its fast paced and exciting and also is rich with opportunities for discussion. I give it a big thumbs up!

About the Author

Donna Marie Robb works as a children’s librarian and enjoys traveling around the world with her husband Ron Atmur. Several of her short stories have appeared in literary magazines such as Wild Violet, Skyline, Femspec, Tales of the Talisman, and the anthology Story Sprouts. She has also reviewed children’s books for School Library Journal.

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