41upDOTJJeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_From a tender young age, Tony had to learn to fend for himself. Growing up on a rough East London estate shaped an innocent child into the fearless and dangerous man he was to become. Follow the ups and downs that Tony has to endure to survive as he grows up in a world that threatens everything he believes in. A dramatic roller coaster of events unfold in this gripping drama. From a childhood tainted with sadness, to underworld violence and crime interlaced with heart breaking true love. With so many dangerous individual around you, would you stay safe indoors and hide, or would you fight your corner and never give up? A powerful read that you won’t want to put down. Based on true events.

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“A fantastic first novel from new author L M Bush”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Das

A fantastic first novel from new author L M Bush.

Tells the story of how a young man’s life is shaped by events as he grows up in the East End of London through the 80’s. There is a generous helping of everything from, Love to Lust to betrayal, violence and suspense. I started reading it on Sunday and simply could not put it down until I finished it 2 days later.

The lead character Tony is, in equal measures, both a lovable rogue and a violent thug, but when push comes to shove you can’t help but root for him.

I am looking forward to the second part of the trilogy so that I can continue to follow Tony’s exploits and see where the author takes us next.

About the Author

Born in 1975 in East London, I was the youngest in a two point four loving family. I was just your Joe average. Going through schooling and adolescent years I was a normal teenage girl, whose mother may have threatened to throttle on numerous occasions and I never quite managed to drive my parents to drink that much!! Between now and then, I have been busy training in the art of grooming (hairdressing and beautician to be precise), worked for top London magazines in advertising, struck a pose for a camera lens, and helped run several businesses. However, writing novels had never occurred to me to be something which I would spend my time doing. I married an amazing man and we have an amazing son, who both inspire me beyond belief and make me laugh uncontrollably at times. So look at me now… I am a wife, a mother, a business woman, a model (although I m not sure which one takes up most of my time) and now I can officially add novelist to my ever-growing CV list.

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