dcddHarry Lane is a nice man, who has the mental abilities of a child. He is keen to please and never would do anything to harm anyone. When he stumbles into the scene of a murder the finger of suspicion is wrongly pointed at him. Unless a young and ambitious barrister can find the evidence to prove his innocence, Harry Lane will have a date with the hangman.

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Five Star Review by Natalia Voronova

I would define the end of the story as scandal, I even was fighting the urge to swear at it, but anyway the book is well-written, I enjoed it. Holds readers’ attention to the very last word.

About the Author

J Scaddon is a novella writer from North Wales, UK. His background is in forensic science, but he has a keen but sceptical interest in the supernatural and history. He also loves a really scary story.

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