Waking up on the lawn of a stranger with no memory of the night before is only the beginning for Kim. Struggling to piece things together, the answers she uncovers send her into a spiral of depression and crippling guilt. As Kim tries to deal with her own trauma, she encounters a world of silent anguish that is a lot closer than she realized and also has to contend with a family tragedy that may very well tip her over the edge.
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Full of emotions and vivid descriptions”

Five Star Review on Amazon By H.B.

I hope this book is read by thousands of women, not only by those who have experienced any kind of abuse but also by young women who try to find their way into life and need to be warned of the kind of men they should avoid. It also needs to be read by those who have grown up in dysfunctional families and are used to take all the blame for everything bad happens.
It’s a well-written and perfectly structured story, full of emotions and vivid descriptions. The ending brought tears into my eyes but a ray of hope flickered as that door opened at the very end. That’s why I’d call the ending bitter-sweet; it depends on how one sees the glass, half-empty or half-full. Brilliant!

About the Author

Erin is Alberta born and raised, but has a healthy dose of wanderlust that keeps her trotting the globe. Her first book is Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone. Erin studied psychology and history at the University of Alberta and has a passion for traveling. She is an eager writer with tons of ideas that will keep her scrawling stories for many years to come.

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