Aliens destroying relationships. A father’s dying wish for his son. Love, telepathy and puberty. Suicidal androids. The music of the future. Purple dragons, little girls and machine gun toting rabbits. One promise that changes the world.

Venture into the imagination of Ishmael A Soledad through twenty three science fiction short stories gathered here, in one volume, for the first time.

What the readers say.

“… compelling … believable …”

“… thought provoking …”

“… characters with depth and personality …”

“… just about a perfect sci-fi story …”

“… deftly woven together a good story, a serious point and sardonic humour into the one place …”

“… brilliant, novel …”

“… to come straight to the point – this is superb …”

“… weird and unique …”
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About the Author

Ishmael A Soledad has read and watched science fiction since before he went to school and thought it was time to give back instead of just taking. His short stories have appeared in Aphelion, Antipodean SF, Far Cry Magazine, Ibn Qirtaiba, Just A Minor Malfunction, Planet Web Zine, Schlock! Webzine, and Quantum Muse. A pen pusher by day and frustrated author by night Ish lives in Brisbane with his long-suffering wife and psychotic cat.

Ish is currently working on his fist novel, to be released in 2020.

You can find him on Twitter (@Ishmael_Soledad) and on WordPress (

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