He Will Rule as God unveils the political history of ancient Israel. The publication is an in-depth examination, but also an unbiased and objective commentary on the first fourteen books of the Old Testament.

He Will Rule as God deciphers the time forgotten events that occurred in pre-exilic Palestine. After years researching the biblical stories that have confounded people for centuries, the author is finally able to convey the meaning and origin of the myths, and thus the true history of the Holy Land. Furthermore, the book also details how the priests of ancient Israel and Judah used their narratives to condition the populace. However, this critical undertaking does not detract from the sacred writings, but instead renders the Hebrew Bible even more amazing and its authors’ achievements beyond incredible. This book could actually alter the perceived history of the Israelites. If one reads He Will Rule as God with an open and inquisitive mind, they will discover the truth behind the events portrayed in the Old Testament. The biblical commentary, which is not intended to support or oppose any one religion, for the first time reveals the actual history of the Israel nation and the conquests in the land of Canaan.
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“Must Read Incredible Book on the Bible!”

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Best book I have ever read on the Bible. THE BIBLE IS HISTORICAL. Will forever change the manner in which you view the Old Testament. I am on my second read.

About the Author

I am a self-ascribed and self-educated Philosopher who believes one can better educate oneself by questioning knowledge, and then diligently researching various subjects and opposing views to find the often hidden facts. Unless one is being educated for work, where their future employers would want them blindly learned, the paramount path to education is via the self and if the proper means are pursued with an open and objective mind, and with truth being the one and only end game, one may not attain society’s golden piece of paper by which a worth is deemed, but a nugget of a far greater value, which is knowledge and wisdom. Throughout my life, I shall continue to pursue truth and accept the findings regardless of the implications to myself, my previous held beliefs, or society as a whole. With such an endeavor, it is not uncommon that solitude and the bottle are your only friends. Still, when a greater force beckons, albeit one may try, it is impossible to turn a deaf ear. How unfair if the black robed figure were to cheat one out of their ultimate endeavor; or is it too selfish to aspire toward an all-knowing wisdom?

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  1. I read He Will Rule as God. I have studied the Bible for years, mostly the Old Testament, and this is the best commentary by far on the history of ancient Israel.

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