Heavenly Cowboy ( Ranch Escape THE COMPLETE SERIES )

by Ella Cooper (Author)

Abandoned by family, a ranch escape sparks unexpected love and healing.

Book Description:​

Does true love exist or is it merely a fairytale for the lonely? 

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive my mother.
She abandoned my father and I when I was little to play house with her new family.
Now that he’s gone, she’s asking me to come down to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to make amends.
Then she sends Duke West to pick me up from the airport. This cowboy is hot enough to convince me to stay on the ranch for a few days, but it won’t change anything.
I’ll take a break and go right back to New York where I can forget any of this ever happened.
Only… Duke is a man whose presence simply demands to be remembered.

A story packed with action, high heat and lots of passion where love comes from an unexpected place and fights to grow stronger. Enjoy!

About the Author

Ella Cooper (Author)

Ella Cooper's romances are a thrilling ride, short and steamy, yet deeply suspenseful with layers of mystery and surprising twists. Always leading her readers to a deeply satisfying happily ever after, an eternal promise. Her stories are all about irresistible, super-hot, dominant and protective Cowboys. Stay on your toes, because you might find yourself changing your wet panties quite a few times! ˜”*°•.❤️‍🔥 Ready for a page-turning passion adventure?❤️‍🔥.•°*”˜

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