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His species became extinct decades before the aliens rescued and cloned him, but he still must do everything he can to save them all. Karm must travel back in time, create the most powerful financial empire ever seen on the planet Dyan’ta and assemble a team of experts who must be kept in the dark about his plans for fear of upsetting the timeline.

Dr. Jontar Rocker is an up and coming geneticist whose untested and controversial theories on cloning become the lynch pin in Karm’s schemes. Maripa, Karm’s petite and beautiful surrogate niece, personal secretary, and deadly bodyguard must learn to trust Karm despite his deceptions and secrets. Can the emerging love between Dr. Rocker and Maripa survive the demons and surprises of their own past, as well as Karm’s impenetrable air of mystery?

Karm and his companions must save the Brin. To do so, they must band together to overcome Brach, the ambitious and obsessed monarch. Determined to take control of Karm’s vast industrial empire, Brach joins forces with his conniving brother Pareth, leader of The Faith an ultra-conservative religious order committed to stopping Dr. Rocker and his heretical efforts to develop cloning techniques. Nothing less than survival of their species is at stake.
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“I highly recommend that you pickup a copy of this opening tale …”

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Hegira is the name of a starship that is found dead in space by a species known as the Skre who take a DNA sample from it’s storage and reanimate it. This clone’s name is Karm who must travel back through time to a point in his homeworlds past in order to prepare for what he knows is to come now along the way he employs a genetic scientist named Dr. Rocker who only Karm knows the truth about and whom is responsible for his reanimation thanks to the tech found of the Hegira. Along the way Karm has to deal with backstabbing monarchs and crazy religious fanatics in order to save his species from the dying world that they are on. Everything goes as planned for Karm and the twist ending will leave you wanting more, I sure do and will be reading the next book in this series soon. I highly recommend that you pickup a copy of this opening tale in this series you won’t be disappointed.

About the Author

Jim Cronin is a retired middle school science teacher, currently working part-time as an educator/performer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, raised in Arlington, Virginia and Denver, Colorado, he became an avid science nerd at the height of the space race of the 1960’s. After thirty-five years teaching science in the middle school classroom, he decided to retire and explore new worlds of opportunities, including volunteering, bicycling, and writing. It is the writing experimentation which resulted in this novel.
Today, Jim Is an Educator Performer, or Edutainer if you prefer, at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum makes science fun and entertaining with an entire crew of performer/educators. Two years ago I was lucky enough for the museum to hire me, and pay me to come and play with kids and science.He lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife of thirty seven years. Together, they look forward to completely spoiling their new granddaughter.

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