Helen of Troy, Illinois

by – Annie Sereno (Author)

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Book Description:

Helen of Troy, Illinois, is back home in the heartland to wage a war—with nothing to lose but her heart. ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR With a bank account on life support and a resume of dead-end jobs (one involving a Chuck E. Cheese costume), Helen Hubler left Manhattan for Troy, Illinois, to sell her family property. The only interested buyer is the smoking hot veterinarian next door—the same man who destroyed the career of her recently deceased college boyfriend whose last request she refused. Guilt bolsters her resolve to resist Dr. Gordon Ruckman’s offer…and to wage a little war in the bargain. Her messy life might be payback for the original Helen of Troy’s crime, but this is one battle she’ll win. Even if his plan to build a wildlife rescue center is the best idea ever. Even if she’s caught between a rock and a—considering the white-hot chemistry between them—very hard place. And even if her heart, like the original Troy, has a way inside for a determined hero.

Reviews for the Book

I loved this story. Not only is it set in one of my favorite places, the American heartland, it happens to take place miles from where I grew up. It was very entertaining to see reminders of my youth show up on the pages of this clever, modern, romance novel.
The classic internal struggle of the "hometown girl/wanna be New York sophisticate" returns home after an unsuccessful attempt at employment and love. All this under the pretense of selling the family farm and keeping an eye on her middle aged mom who, quite frankly, is not having a bit of trouble living life without her overprotective daughter. A tangle of bad memories and secrets, the ghost of a high school boyfriend and a cutie, veterinarian next-door bound and determined to buy the farm come together in this entertaining read. I'm sure you will enjoy. - Ramona Rodriguez

About the Author: Annie Sereno

When she’s not expressing her imagination with pen and paintbrush, Annie gardens, swims, and haunts art museums. In possession of a well-worn passport and memories of all the places she’s called home, she shares her life with her husband and two sons.

Mildly (okay, seriously) obsessed with birds, Celtic music, and all things Australian, she believes there is no such thing as a former librarian, no time to read, or too many shoes.

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