Caught up in the Fall of Singapore, Ruth Cole manages to flee on the last surviving Evacuee Ship. Widowed, grieving and penniless, Ruth never imagines being labelled a Despicable Citizen. Her road from war is one of persistence and fortitude, deceit and cruelty. It is her struggle to rebuild her life which ultimately ends in a heartbreaking choice.
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A great read, made all the more gripping as it is a true story line. Good characteristics.

About the Author

Ally McCormick writes fiction and blogs about electric vehicles, historical essays, her dog Arnold, and other topics that interest her. Her Road From War, is her first published novel, based on a true story. Ally enjoys research, and so another historical novel is sure to follow. She is also of the opinion that the women of the world want more romance novels, so something hot and steamy is on the cards. Finally, it is her dream to write a best selling, humorous, contemporary novel for women.

Ally McCormick lives in Auckland, New Zealand, has spent time living abroad, married, since divorced and has two teenage daughters, one dog and a one-eyed black cat.

Favourite quote: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Voltaire
Most respected historian: Sir Arthur Helps

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