Does society recognize bullying as a serious issue that children and teenagers deal with every day? Do they understand the long-term negative effects bullying can have on a person’s life? Author Laketta Lowery knows about bullying from her own experiences. She travels to schools and organizations as a motivational speaker, speaking out on the topic of bullying and self-esteem. In Her World of Darkness and Pain, she addresses the very serious issue of bullying head-on, fi rst by sharing her own story and then by relating ways to combat this very real problem. Bullying has become more prevalent in today’s schools, organizations, and with the younger generation. It is a very serious problem because it can lead to isolation, depression, and suicide while having a long-term eff ect on the victim’s life along with their social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. But there is hope. Everyone can take the bullying challenge to step up and do the right thing to either prevent or stop bullying by: – standing up and telling a bully to stop – defending a victim – telling an authority figure that someone is being bullied – do all they can to raise bullying awareness – speak out and speak up! Do not be afraid to speak up if you see someone bullying because it’s the only way to stop this epidemic from spreading!
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I gave this book a five star rating as it not only addresses all forms of bullying, but it provides solutions to addressing any issue that an individual may be experiencing through a bully type situation whether it be child/adult. It’s nice to see that the author unveils some of her own personal life experiences, which allows you to relate to her on a personal level. Often individuals are afraid to discuss the horrible things they have endured in life out of shame, or the mere fact of how it may impact others. We must all remember that through life we will encounter challenges some difficult some easy all of these things will only prepare us to be the best we can be in this life. Be encouraged grab a copy awesome read!

About the Author

Laketta Lowery grew up on the country roads of West, MS. She is the oldest of five siblings. She graduated from Ethel High School in 1999. She earned an Associates of Arts Degree from Holmes Community College in 2003. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from Jackson State University in 2007. She taught Health and Physical Education as well as head coached the girls’ basketball team from 2007 to 2010 at Pearl Junior High School in Pearl, MS. She currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA and attends Walden University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

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