51hKVcsbGUL._SY373_BO1,204,203,200_On 29 May 1985 at the Heysel stadium in Brussels, before the European Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool, 39 people died. They died in block Z, crushed and suffocated by the crowd, under the blows of English hooligans dulled by alcohol; and due to the distinct complicity of the Belgian authorities, the local police and UEFA were unable to predict what would occur, and to intervene.
It was a predictable tragedy that struck the sport of football and our consciences with desperate drama. It is an open wound that has never healed, because no one can or should die during a simple football match. What happened before Juventus–Liverpool has been recounted by everyone; many have told about what happened during and after the event, including their own stories, but no one has ever really delved into the real, uncomfortable truths. The personal effects stolen, the arrogance of the authorities, the long, hard, disdained legal battle carried out by the Association of Victims, by Otello Lorentini who in Belgium lost his son Roberto (awarded a silver medal for Civil Valour for having died trying to save a fellow human being). The humanity of 39 families has been trampled for no justifiable reason.This book is a gesture owed to the memory and dignity of 39 people who lost their lives to watch a game. To remember what the football environment has triedtoo often and too quickly to forget.

“This book is the Bible of Heysel”
(Emanuela Casula, sister of Andrea and daughter of Giovanni, two of the 39 victims of the massacre in Brussels)

“If the British had learned the lesson of Heysel, maybe the Hillsborough tragedy would never have happened”
(Francesco Caremani, author)

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