Revised and amended – Highway One – Vietnam War is a short story about the convoys that risked the daily ambushes by the enemy hidden alongside the roads in Vietnam. The art of tactical transportation was never designed for guerilla warfare where there were not front lines and not rear lines. This was the first non-linear war the United States fought in such numbers and transportation was about to take a metaphoric change that adapted to the enemy’s will to inflict damage to the essential chain of supplies and equipment for our troops.
The infantry units had already moved inland and were setting up base camps. A complex convoy protective system was activated in Vietnam. Its mission was to provide all the expertise and equipment needed to clear the various ports of cargo and move it along to inland destinations. That mission soon overwhelmed the command’s assets and capabilities, in addition, individual support commands received tactical truck units as they arrived in Vietnam so that they could carry out their missions more effectively.
This is a short story of an experience I shared while assigned as a convoy medic with the 23rd Americal Division in the I& II Corps northern provinces of South Vietnam. Ambushes were the most common type of attack in this war. This book outlines the method of counteracting ambushes and formations, ideologies and reasons for such methods as Vietnam had no front lines, rear lines and was a non-linear battle 24/7.
The second part of the book deals with ghosts and ambushes – the rationale, the preventive methods implemented and formations used to avoid trapped situations. In the end, this book is and always will be another influence to what is considered to be my personal PTSD recovery cycle of the war. It is a collection of thoughts, experiences, nightmares as well as the reflections of many great and brave comrades that I will never forget.
This book is far from perfect, as I minimized names on purpose, generalized incidents and dealt only with the realities and not the political opinions of such matters. That is covered in my other books, however, there is one chapter, titled “The Vulnerabilities of a Medic” that covers my mentality, my status as a combat medic being in a conflict and being 19 years old. I refer to child soldiers because many of us who fought there weren’t even old enough to vote. I also cover the fact that as a medic, we were often handed the responsibilities of treating the enemy who was at times, mere children themselves and aged between 12 and 15, contrary to international law but as we learned quickly, the enemy broke all the rules of engagement in this war. The realities, atrocities, and the happenings don’t deserve names out of respect for the fallen. That is something I have been dealing with privately – there are few identities or explanations. I chose to leave the past be as I struggle with its ongoing images inside my head triggered by sounds only unique to those of war.
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Many people have gone to war many were affected emotionally. The people that taught in Vietnam were in a hostile war and were never given a warm welcome when home. This was inexcusable and for that they should be ashamed. Many people came home from prior wars deeply effected by what they saw and did but they were not avoided and ridiculed . nothing was done to help these people and that is a tragedy. Well I want to Thank everyone that served this was not your fault. No war is good but by you giving a very real description of what you saw gives us an idea of what you did. I do hope this helped you and thanks for sharing your events I enjoyed the read. It was honest and I feel well written.

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First and foremost, a sincere and deep appreciation for visiting and buying my Kindle E-books and paperbacks. When I did my bio on this author page I wrote what was on my mind and in my heart. Therefore, some of my books are some awkwardly titled and sometimes controversial in content but they are are all written for one purpose – to provoke you to think. Some are deliberately short and slightly twisted or dark. I strongly believe that mood and attitude drive the brain. Others are written to be brief and to the point for those who don’t like long stories and have very little time or short attention spans (sarcasm) so I am the first to acknowledge my writings are different and with your help and reviews provided, I know I will do better and study or amend my books as they are written and read. The fact that I read my reviews is my way of studying what the reader wants, not what the author wants.
I read and take into consideration every review written and received, no matter how harsh these reviews may be as I am used to candidness, sarcasm, and open dialogues as a retired prison warden who has dealt with the “worst of the worst” society could lock up in prison and separate from our communities to serve their time. My skin is only as thick as the occasion calls for at the time of the encounter. As most will notice, these books don’t conform to any style. They are usually not politically correct and are for those who call themselves ‘free-thinkers.’
My writings whether fiction, non-fiction, and all genre do not fall into a specific category -why? Because I write what I feel, and that’s a flawed style today as all has to be perfect to please everyone. I understand that concept well. However, I write for myself and those who want to get to know me as a person or author. I am far from perfect, yet I want to express myself at my terms and those others understand without all the political correctness. At the same time, when I do write and receive feedback, I always take that feedback into consideration for the future or to revise or amend what I have already written.
As a reader, you are my editor and you set the tone or tempo/mood for the books. For that, I am eternally grateful. I love people, I respect people and I recognize people as my family as we are all connected one way or another. I write to express what is on my mind. There are no formalities to my thought process. I am spontaneously writing down what I am thinking. My writings are sometimes raw, rude, crude and every other negative in the book business. They are, however, filled with passion, respect, dignity and love for mankind and the human race. I believe we are all connected.
In my books, there are writings of love, hate, war, peace, wrath, and compassion. I write the reality of the world I live in. It’s not a pretty world but its the real world. I have lived good people and bad people in my life. At work, I was associated with liars, cheats, crooks, perverts and the seriously mentally ill. I am a real person, not superficial but real. I dig for the truth of my life and the things that evolve or impact around me. On the other side of the coin I write fictional and fantasy short stories to bring a lighter side of life to the reader. I enjoy people, animals, and nature.

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