51AjScm58LL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Antonio wanted the normalities of a childhood, but that wasn’t the hand he was dealt. . . Instead, he got a heroin addicted AIDS victim as a mother and an abusive drug dealing step-father… Witness the birth of a kingpin in a world littered with money, guns, murder, and an odd assortment of characters that make up Antonio Pintero’s life. “I was considered a drug dealer. Any sympathy my heart felt slowly faded with each year I grew older. How far do you think I went?” HIS-Time… HIS-Life… HIS-Story… HIS-Panic.

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“A gripping, poignant tale of “the birth of a kingpin” that’s equally shocking and heartbreaking.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By CHC

Eddie Cisneros proves he has an abundance of natural and powerful writing talent with his debut novel, HIS-Panic. I read it in one sitting, which is rare. The book opens strong and stays strong with a gritty, tightly-woven plot that still manages to have heart, revealing the fragile humanity behind even the most damaged characters. Antonio Pintero was “raised” by his heroin-addicted mother, surrounded by mental illness, poverty and violence. Instead of guiding him through life, his abusive step father manipulates Antonio into becoming a drug dealer. As he grows into a resourceful and street-wise young man, it’s no surprise that Antonio struggles to feel close to anyone and knows only how to use those around him to build his own team of drug dealers (The Foo Crew). I couldn’t help but root for this battered anti-hero and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. The darker aspects of the book are partially offset by fascinating (and often humorous) glimpses into the vibrant and chaotic street culture of the Bronx in the 1970s an 80s.

About the Author

Doorman by trade. A writer by…..ALWAYS!
Apart from his novel series, HIS-PANIC, Eddie H. Cisneros has two finished screenplays under his belt. A stylized thriller titled BEND about New York City homicide detectives on the trail of a serial killer and its sequel. He also served as a contributing writer for a real estate website with bi-weekly posts titled, “A Doorman Speaks” for a little over two years.Check out the radio show interview on

Icreate Radio hosted by Lady DV which aired on January 14, 2016

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