indexJonas Kirchner has one major problem: he died ten years ago and ever since his life has been a living nightmare. Legally dead when his body is pulled from the icy waters of the Saginaw River Jonas makes an unwitting pact with the dark presence that calls the murky waters home. But life after death has a price, one far steeper than Jonas could have ever imagined.

Now twenty years old and caring for his ailing mother, Jonas is trying desperately to put his life back together. But the death of his sister stills haunts him. Claire was taken from this world far too young, but for Claire there is no coming back. Or is there? A mysterious videotape shows up unexpectedly and the message it contains will shatter Jonas’s world as he knows it. Claire has a warning from beyond the grave: the Riverman is coming. But there is more to this warning than just Claire’s words. Etched in the grainy magnetic background of the tape is a numeric message and to decipher it Jonas must find the decoder ring that he and Claire buried in the sand a decade ago.

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