‘Hollywood: Hollyweird’ “How People Survive And Make It!”

So they say everybody at some point and time wants to go to Hollywood.
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So, I spent a night at my daughter's and stayed with my granddaughters the next day. They are teenagers and I was afraid that we would run out of things to talk about. I shouldn't have worried because their attention was given over to their phones, that is, until I started to read "Hollywood:Hollyweird". Ice breaker! "What are you reading? Can I look?" And we could not have read these two little books fast enough. We had a wonderful time! The books are filled with tips, tricks, and snippets of Art Norman's attempts to conquer Hollywood and life. The stories are bursting with the biggest names in the industry and how he came to meet them or to be in their presence. The list does go on forever! There is nothing quite like the collective interest in celebrities that spans generations. The stories are written in a gossipy fashion about his experiences, his family and friends, and a little mystery. I kept feeling that I was being let in on a secret with a lot of good detail courtesy of live webcams. I hope there is more to come.

-- Anna Mills
Book Description:

So they say everybody at some point and time wants to go to Hollywood. Give it a chance to see what they are made of. Strategize a method in order to stay on point and be ready when the time comes to meet and greet celebrities & have nerves of steel in order to network in your own style. Better yet to take the all or nothing route hop right on the Greyhound bus by far the cheapest way known to mankind to get there and do it right. In a place called Hollywood-Hollyweird: How people survive and make it! Case closed…

Art Norman Jr. (Author)
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