Home To Kentucky

2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award Winner – Western
2020 Readers Favorite Finalist Award Winner – Fiction – Western

Home to Kentucky, the follow up to Thomas’ McCoy’s riveting historical drama, The McCoys: Before the Feud, will not disappoint readers who love a good old-fashioned tale of adventure, romance, action, and family honor.

Kansas, 1865. After retrieving the cache of money that belonged to the south, the McCoys begin to rebuild their lives after significant losses from the Civil War. Amid the grief of their war-torn homeland, and in the midst of their grit and determination to build their future, the second adventure begins for the feisty McCoy family. Family bonds are strengthened along the long winding wagon ride throughout the great American west, as the realities of post-Civil War life make Home to Kentucky a moving and meaningful saga of love and family connection in a budding new world.

After the Northern Army unlawfully stole the wealth of the south, the men retrieve what is rightfully theirs and begin their journey home. Now, four of the McCoys are on the road home to Kentucky. But they must protect their newfound wealth by avoiding attention, and outwitting the ubiquitous and violent highwaymen. Using their military and mountain skills, plus their courage and family strength, the men push homeward along a dangerous road. On the way, they meet two women in need of help and between them all, they form a bond so strong, nothing can tear them apart, not even the hazards left behind after the bloody and hard-fought Civil War.

The McCoy family begin to plan not just how they should use the coins they retrieved, but how to outwit the Pinkerton detectives and the law that is hellbent on capturing them. Ingenuity and cunning, born of the McCoy family loyalty and years of living a hardscrabble life, have taught the McCoy clan how to use these traits to ensure their own protection as they rebuild their lives anew upon the foundation of their reclaimed wealth.

Home to Kentucky is the second book in The McCoys: Before the Feud saga of historical Western novels. Thomas’ McCoy’s riveting literary tapestry of fact and fiction sheds new light on the saga of the McCoy family in this deeply and profoundly written book that promises action and surprise at every turn.

2019-2020 Readers favorite award winner finalist- fiction-western, 2020 Book excellence awards finalist – western