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Book Description:

~ When Noah walked away from Janae, it had nothing to do with being in love. ~

NOAH – Nothing can stop me from completing the mission. Being a Navy SEAL is in my blood and I’ve never regretted my career choice. Until the day she walked into my life. Her voice soothed my soul. The soft touch of her hands set my skin ablaze with the need to keep her forever. When the day came that I had to leave, I had every intention to return. Then came the day I realized I couldn’t. Ripping my heart from my chest, I knew it was better if I walked away. Years later, I’m back to reclaim what’s mine. I’ve returned to the woman who owns my heart, my soul, and my happiness.

JANAE – All my life I’ve been a good girl. Followed the lead of my parents, my church, and my community. Until the day he walked into my life. It was the first time my heart and soul were in alignment. He showed me what it meant to be fully desired. I craved him. I needed him. I loved him. Then he left without a backward glance, shattering me into a million pieces. Forced to become stronger than I’d been before he entered my world, I’m committed to moving on with my life. When he returns, it’s time to decide if holding on to the pain is worth the heartache, or if I’m strong enough to grab hold of my future and never let go.

*Contemporary Romance | Military | BWWM Interracial | Novel | HEA*
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I am a first time reader. I was drawn to this book, after seeing a Facebook ad for it. I was intrigued because my name is Janaé and I have never seen a book where the main character had my name. I just knew I had to check it out, I was certainly not disappointed. This is a beautifully written book and I read it in one sitting. I think I have a new favorite author.

-- Janaé

Noah and Janae love story was captivating and emotional. It's a story about forgiveness, sacrifices and redemption. Reana Malori has a way of telling a story that captures your attention and don't let go. Homecoming is part of a series that's well written, has characters that you'll ABSOLUTELY love and root for to get their HEA. The Heaven On Earth series is one of my favorite IR series, it's about family, love, friendship and sometimes redemption. Reana Malori is one of my all time favorite authors and an automatic purchase for me without hesitation. I would highly recommend Homecoming and all of Reana Malori's other works. She's that dang good!!

-- Sawy77

About the Author ▸ Reana Malori

Reana is a USA Today Bestselling Author books featuring sassy, beautiful black women, and the Alpha males who love them. Her stories focus on Interracial romance, with lots of steam to keep things interesting. A firm believer that LOVE in all its forms should be celebrated, her goal is to weave a story that brings the reader into her world, even if only for a short time. On any given day, you can find her reading a book from one of her favorite authors, or bent over her laptop working to bring you more goodness. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and has two very handsome sons. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, or you can send her an email at Website: Newsletter: