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About Michael James Kaiser

Michael James Kaiser of Addison, TX describes himself as “a complex guy.” He means it in a self-deprecating way. More aptly however, Kaiser is “a puzzling guy” since few would expect this collection of very tender poems – achingly dark yet hopeful yearnings – to come from the wellspring of a guy who is the walking definition of a “da’ Bears” football fan. He’s also a longtime sales executive, a former radio DJ and a dog rescuer.

Looking back, Kaiser himself is surprised by the output. “I wrote poems when I was a little boy but hid them, afraid of Dad’s reaction. I can’t remember why I started. I just always wrote things down. Later I discovered my dad thought the writing was pretty cool so I came out of the shell.”

Kaiser’s poems while deeply personal, are at once both remarkably inclusive and universal.

Books by Michael James Kaiser

To Be Me

to beImagine a road trip. Harry Chapin at the wheel. Emily Dickinson rides shotgun. The old Vw van has room enough for Carl Sandburg and Studs Terkel. Jammed way back, buffeted by guitars, backpacks, and typewriters is Michael James Kaiser. He furiously takes notes all the while hearing whispers from Elizabeth Barrett in one ear and Townes Van Zandt in the other. This hodge-podge is too wistful – too ruggedly romantic – for words. Almost. Because someone took it all in. It incubates for years as tentative poetic doodles before a confidence that comes from aging pours forth in poem after poem after poem. Slams. Social media. Submissions to publishers and musicians. But then it happens. A floodgate opens and Michael James Kaiser’s first published anthology of poems, To Be Me, is here.

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her“Her” represents fractured fragments of Michael James Kaiser’s paeans to love. Like his first anthology, “To Be Me,” these introspective poems are tonal invocations to women, both real and imagined. The phrasing and flow quietly touches the reader’s heart, sometimes with a whisper and a caress; sometimes with a raw ache. The feelings are fervent, true and universal. Musically it’s cello, Spanish guitar, stand-up bass, and a woodwind or two. It would play in a small jazz club against an indigo backdrop with a mood that matches. Yet Michael James
Kaiser — the man and his work — is so uncanny that a UK-based modern country band could just as easily grab a lyrical riff or two and knock out an entire album of Kaiser’s heartaches.

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