51AHdvBje+L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Newlyweds Pyah and Mark Fischer on honeymoon find themselves interrupted while in their first wedded throws of passion by an assassination attempt on their lives.
Under the employ of Carl Sinclair, a personal security/assassin specialist, Pyah and Mark are thrust into the sleazy world of erotica. Sexually naïve, they set off down a dark, depraved road of lust. Their journey takes them to exotic places, meeting erotic people where seduction is the main course on a menu of sleaze with a side order of decadent immorality for dessert.
A tale of lust, high-octane action and erotica. With a little humour, a touch of heart-wrenching sorrow, a smidgen of quirky, a handful of crazy. An erotic romp through the karma sutra of espionage.

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