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Hot Flashes and Jesus–Hope and Help for Your Hormones by Renee Norris

At last–an encouraging book about dealing with all the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause! Women experiencing this need much more than pills and pity. This is a 52-week devotional book, with a wealth of hormone hacks included, to help guarantee a mentally safer and healthier passage through this season of life. Hot Flashes and Jesus (Hope and Help for Your Hormones) is written by a woman with first-hand experience who is also a Certified Health Specialist and Naturopathic Practitioner. This book will help you treat your mind, soul, and body with new knowledge and spiritual truths that go hand in hand for a more peaceful walk through this new “adventure” called the “change of life.”
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About the Author

Renee Norris is a Speech-Pathologist turned Naturopathic Practitioner and Certified Health Specialist. She is a first-time author sharing her journey of finding wholeness in the midst of perimenopause and menopause using spiritual truths and natural hormone hacks. Through her book, she guides women and teaches them how to successfully maneuver through “the change of life.”

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