How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live (A Spiritual Memoir) by Joffre McClung

Loss can either break you open or break you down—your choice. If you choose to allow it to break you open, you can discover who you truly were meant to be before time and the world made you forget. How Learning to Say Good-bye Taught Me How to Livestyleis a narrative journal of the many…

Loss can either break you open or break you down—your choice. If you choose to allow it to break you open, you can discover who you truly were meant to be before time and the world made you forget.
How Learning to Say Good-bye Taught Me How to Livestyleis a narrative journal of the many spiritual lessons and gifts I received during a period of tremendous loss in my life and how they were put to the test during my best friend’s battle with cancer. It chronicles the close friendship we shared during this traumatic time and how we worked to stay conscious and move forward with our inner growth despite our pain. When we are asked to say good-bye to what was, we are offered an opportunity to experience what can be—if we do the work.

Each chapter highlights the various inner battles as well as the gifts that are revealed during difficult times. The lessons include issues of control, judgment, needing to be right, forgiveness, self-love, receiving, and the power of our beliefs. The gifts include partnership with your Higher Self, true intimacy, the power of play and laughter, faith and patience, angel whispers, co-creating, and much more. At the end of each chapter is a list of questions and thoughts that aided me to go deeper with the work.

Heartfelt reflections on the lessons and strength to be gained from grief and loss.

McClung muses on the spiritual insights learned during the last six months of her best friend’s life in this debut memoir. McClung has written a thoughtful think piece that also serves as a touching tribute to “one of my greatest teachers during the worst times of her life.”  The questions the author presents readers arise appropriately from her narrative and also have universal relevance, including “When is the last time you said you were sorry to yourself or to another?” McClung offers many well-sketched, even funny, anecdotes, including her “outburst” in Target by phone with Rob about buying her outfit.
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“A Journey of Healing and Spiritual Growth in the face of Adversity”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gabriel Reyes

The writer paints a wonderful journey of healing and spiritual growth in the face of losing her best friend to cancer. Great lessons and practical tips to aid anyone on the path to spiritual wisdom.

About the Author

Joffre McClung is Spiritual/Personal Growth Author and Teacher, an Inspirational Blogger, Self-love Advocate, and an Independent Filmmaker. Joffre began her career as a theatre actress in New York City where she spent most of her adult life. Being someone one “who never waited for permission to do anything,” she quickly put on her producing hat when auditioning was taking a back seat to performing and mounted several Off-Broadway productions, in which she acted as well produced.
After a short film she was the lead actress in, and co-produced as well, won the Grand Prize and Best Actress Award in the Lille, France’s Festival Du Court De Villeurbanne, she switched her focus to film. An avid student of spiritual literature and techniques since the early 1980’s, Joffre taught herself filmmaking and formed Sweet Moon Pictures Production Company back in the
1990’s. She wrote, produced, and directed two independent films with spiritual
themes or undertones: Out of the Blue (1995) and Best Wishes (2002; winner of the “Spirit of the West Award”). Before moving back to Texas to care for her dying mother, she worked as a senior producer and director for a media broadcast production company in New York City for over fifteen years.
Uprooting her life in New York City to return to Texas to help her mother deal with terminal cancer was an intense experience, but Joffre did the only thing she knew to do and used her personal experiences as a tool for spiritual growth. Immediately after her mother’s passing, Joffre found out that her life -long best friend Rob was also diagnosed with cancer.
Instead of allowing these back-to-back tragedies to destroy her emotionally, Joffre went inward to find the strength and techniques that would help her heal emotionally, and find the lessons in these painful experiences that would not only allow her to go on with her life but to make the most of it. She did not know at the time how these experiences would change the direction of her life.
Joffre, who had only shared her spirituality through her fiction films, was compelled to write her first non-fiction book, HOW LEARNING TO SAY GOODBYE TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE/Balboa Press, as her friend was nearing the end of her life. Starting out as a journal, it quickly became an inspirational memoir of finding the strengths in the lessons and gifts available during times of loss and grief. The experience of sharing her personal spiritual path with others was so fulfilling that she could no longer deny that her life was taking a new direction even though it was one she would not have fathomed just two years earlier.
Joffre’s new book, THE HEART OF THE MATTER (A Spiritual Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-love)/ Balboa Press, was born out of the work she did within to heal her wounds and beliefs of the past and move successfully into self-love. She is now devoted to helping others on the spiritual path.

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