How To Abolish Child Sexual Abuse

by – Steve A. Mizera (Author)

Begin by Asking is that a Sexual Predator Hiding Behind that Badge?

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Book Description:

This book reviews rports of law enforcement officials who have been arrested and convicted during 2012 of either possessing child pornography or sexually molesting children. It is written by an ex-sex offender in order to offer answers to the questions who molests children, when and where, how and why. But the most important question answered is How is Child Sexual Abuse to be Abolished. From an early age we are taught to respect and trust police. Most of us do. But today we watch the evening news or read that another policeman has molested a child, or was caught with child pornography.We begin to question our reason to trust. How is the molestation or the sexual abuse of children to be anticipated and stopped?At the age of seventy-three I believe I have found answers to the questions: who molests children, where and when, and how and why? But most important I offer recommendations on what must be done to prevent child molestation. In contrast, I examine and explain why what is being done today is not working.Really good computer hackers eventually get caught and go to prison. Some then offer their experience to corporations and get paid well to prevent hacking.Those in favor of hiring hackers (and the hackers hoping to be hired) will argue that “it takes one to catch one.” However, you don’t see law enforcement agencies hiring former murderers to help them catch violent criminals. So It all comes down to a question of trust.I was physically and mentally abused as a child in an orphanage, and sexually abused in a second orphanage. I grew up to commit a similar despicable act for which I was convicted and spent time in the notorious Folsom State Prison in California.This book is part of my effort at redemption. I examine many of the news stories that shock those who hear or read that yet another trusted man with a badge has violated that trust and destroyed a child’s life. In rehashing these news reports I am not anti-police, but I am anti-child sexual abuse.Stopping Sexual Predators before they strike should be the primary focus in the effort to combat child molestation.It is not. Society has determined to waste its resources dealing with predators after they cause damage to children. Although society is certainly justified in using precious resources to PUNISH predators after due process, the ex-sex offender registries are ineffective and counterproductive. They destroy more lives than they purport to save.Instead, society should consider legislating mandatory sexual abuse awareness as early as the first grade. Children need this protection. It should also consider registering adults who are responsible for the academic and spiritual education, and recreation of children instead of using the millions of dollars it spends registering and monitoring former predators whose recidivism rate is extremely low. Registration should detail the consequences for sexually abusing children. Current Sex Offender registration causes unwarranted harm to families of former offenders. It does not protect children from future harm. In addition, society should consider holding parents accountable when they fail to protect their children from predators.The focus of this book is to arm children, parents and others responsible for children by providing answers to the questions: Who is molesting kids and why? When and where are children molested? How does molestation take place? And most important, what should be done to prevent this moral epidemic? – Christmas Valley Oregon, Steve A. Mizera