Get a retired Alj who decided over 4,500 Medicare cases in eight years as your personal mentor while you appeal and present your Medicare case to the Alj. Want to learn how to get the Alj’s attention with a proposed decision? Wonder if you should make an opening statement and what you should say? Find out about the red herrings Cms contractors throw at Aljs to bamboozle them into denying your case. Would practice pointers help you persuasively present your #MedicareAppeal? Do you want to be a more effective representative? This turnkey guide teaches you all this, and how to stand apart from the pack with proposed decisions.

About the Author

Bob as been making public presentations since winning first place in the Glen Park Optimists’ 1969 Oratorical Contest. His administrative agency career began in 1971 when the mayor appointed him an ex officio member of the Gary Redevelopment Commission. Later, as an attorney, he represented thousands of clients before administrative agencies, in court, and at military courts martial.

As a Navy officer in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps, Bob taught non lawyers and lawyers how to represent clients before administrative boards. While he was a decision writer at Social Security, Bob mentored his fellow writers.

A member of the Jimmo Implementation Council, an instructor at the Appeal Academy’s Top Gun Audit School, and a member of the RAC Monitor Editorial Board, Bob’s biography appeared in The Outstanding Young Men of America in 1984 and in Who’s Who in the World in 1991-92.

Bob wrote the book with a fountain pen, and still uses his slide rules.

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